Trusts and Foundations

The Eve Appeal is dedicated to funding pioneering work into the risk prediction, earlier detection and prevention of five gynaecological cancers.

We have been supporting the work of UCL’s Women’s Cancer Centre for fifteen years and we have funded £1,500,000 over the last 3-years for the Department’s activities.

The independent Pattison Review of 2014 acknowledges our key role:

“The charity can take credit for the elements it has funded in whole or in part and the manner in which its support has enabled the UCL Department of Women’s Cancer to be innovative and leverage further external funding. There is no doubt that this research is contributing to international understanding of gynaecological cancers and their management. It will have significant impacts. The Eve Appeal can be very satisfied with the return on the charity’s investments in the last 5 years.”

We have not worked alone. Over the years, charitable trusts and foundations have contributed more than £1 million to our research fund.

We are excited that we have recently launched a ground-breaking 4-year European-wide research programme which has been partly funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020), and led by University College London, Women’s Cancer Department. The vision of FORECEE (4C) is to develop a way of using a cervical screening sample to predict the risk of four cancers, breast, womb, ovarian and cervical; with the ultimate aim of preventing these cancers from developing and saving significantly more women’s lives. The Eve Appeal have committed to raising funds of £800,000 towards the cost of this programme.

As the only charity in the UK that works across all the gynaecological cancers and is focussed on supporting research in risk prediction, early detection and prevention, this is an incredibly important step for us. The ambition is, that by 2020, we will have developed a single risk model; one test for four cancers.

To discuss this project or our other research programmes in more detail – or to visit the Department of Women’s Cancer at UCL – please contact Naomi Baldwin Webb by emailing or call us on 020 7605 0100.