Why Get Involved in Make Time for Tea?

Every year in the UK nearly 7,500 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and 4,100 women will die – that’s over half of the women diagnosed dying from this terrible disease within five years of their diagnosis.

This needs to change.

We know that early diagnosis is key to saving women’s lives. 68% of women diagnosed at stage 2 survived their disease for five years compared to just 27% when diagnosed at stage 3 – that’s a HUGE difference, 41% to be exact*.

This might be statistic overload, but what is clear is too many women are dying of ovarian cancer.

By raising money this March, you can help us fund ground-breaking research into the risk prediction, early diagnosis and prevention whilst also raising much-needed awareness of this cancer and its key signs and symptoms.

This March for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month help to protect more mothers, daughters, sisters, and partners from the devastating effects of this cancer.

Click the link below to register to host a tea party and we’ll send you a free fundraising pack.






To read more about ovarian cancer, signs and symptoms, risk factors and treatment click here.

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*Statistics from Cancer Research UK