Promoting Your Event

Holding an event? That’s amazing, but don’t keep the details to yourself share them with everyone you would like to invite:

Put Up a Poster

Place posters round your school or work letting everyone know all about your event. Then send an email a few days / a week before to remind everyone, especially those who have promised to bake (or buy) something.

Send Out Invites

Sometimes the old fashioned ways are the best! You’ll find eight invites included in your pack, but if you need more please do get in touch or download them here.


Send friends and family an email about your event and if you are holding your event at work or school remember to ask someone in charge if you can send an organisation wide email.

Social Media

If you use social media, this is a great way to invite everyone along. We recommend using Facebook as you can create an event – click here for step-by-step guide – but you can also private message people on Instagram or Twitter if you’d prefer. And don’t forget to tag us using @eveappeal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Always think about safety first with social media, public events can be seen by everyone with an account.


So many of us rely on this great app to stay in touch with people, so why not use it to let everyone know about your tea party/coffee morning/bake sale? You could message everyone individually or set up a group.

Contact the Media

Local press coverage is a great way to spread the word to your community about your tea party or to encourage others to do the same. We’ve put together a press release template which you can use before or after your event.

If you would like to talk through the different ways to promote your event get in touch either by calling 020 7605 0109 or by emailing

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