My Make Time for Tea Story

We always love to hear all about our supporters Make Time for Tea events as well as see photos from the day – and we wanted to share them with you!

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“Make Time for Tea is a fantastic initiative. Having had my own brush with cervical cancer and subsequent treatment I feel duty-bound to pass on what I’ve learnt as a result: that knowing the symptoms of gynae cancers and attending regular screening is vital. The event itself was so much fun; so many friends and family made an effort. It was a heart-warming and positive experience and I would encourage anyone to go for it. I’m no Mary Berry, but my lemon drizzle went down a storm!” Sam


“Me and my family signed up to Make Time for Tea because we tragically lost my mum, Joan, in September 2016 to ovarian cancer. We felt like we wanted to do something in her memory whilst also helping to raise funds and awareness of gynaecological cancers – as we had no clue that mum had this disease as there were no signs until it was too late. Holding a tea party was lots of fun! It took a lot of hard work, but we had a lot of family and friends who helped us and it turned out to be a massive success! I would urge other people to get involved too.” Jenny


“I am so proud of our achievements and of how much support our local community and friends gave us. My mother would have loved it, which is perfect as she is my main reason for building awareness and fundraising for The Eve Appeal, something my sister and I have been doing since 2007” Rebecca


“Make Time for Tea is a great excuse to get all your friends/family around (both female, and male) to raise money for a cause that really should be spoken about more!  Half the population have a vagina, and I am not scared to talk about it anymore I believe from doing these events!” Jane