Alternative Tea Parties

We know not everyone loves tea and cake or coffee and biscuits so we’ve come up with some alternative tea party ideas so you can still get involved.

Vegan Tea Party

With so many exciting recipes, holding a vegan tea party is a great way to try out new things – and you could even challenge your friends, family and colleagues to bake something vegan!

Cake and Gin Party 

Simply swap the tea/coffee for Gin or your favourite drink – you could even serve it in tea cups for the ‘afternoon tea’ effect.

Add a Spanish Twist to your Party

Think tapas, churros and sangria (with or without alcohol).

Fruit Party

Make this event as colourful as possible with strawberries, mango, kiwi, blueberries and much more – then think of inventive ways to serve your fruit for example you could make a fruit salad or be a little bit indulgent and have an Eton mess.

Breakfast Party

Pack this full of mini breakfast items: mini avocado on toast, mini croissants, mini frittatas, mini pancakes served with tea, coffee or juice.

Take the Vintage Out of the Tea Party 

Dig into mini burgers, bacon sandwiches, cheese scones and pickles with a nice cold beverage.

Yum Cha – go for dim sum 

A Cantonese tradition of brunch. Enjoy dim sum (steamed buns and dumplings) with Chinese (or your favourite) tea.


There are so many inspiring ways that you can get involved with (it doesn’t just have to be about breakfast tea and cake).

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