Promoting your event

We’ve put together a list of ways to help you let everyone know all about your Go Red – take a look at the full list below:

Put up Posters

Use the Invitation side of your A3 Poster, included in your pack, to share details about your event. If you need more posters you can either download them here or we can send them out in the post – just let us know either by phoning 020 7605 0109 or emailing

Send an Email

Send everyone an email to let them know all about your event and if you are holding it at work, why not ask your manager to see if you can send an email through your work’s intranet?

Share on Social Media

A great way of inviting people to your event! You can use Facebook to set up your own group/event and invite people to it. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to create an event through Facebook. Or simply message people through Facebook and/or Twitter to invite them.

Don’t forget when posting on social media to use #GoRed and if you include @eveappeal for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we will try and share/like this for you.

Contact the Media

Contact your local newspaper or radio station to spread the word about your Go Red. We’ve put together a Press Release Template for you to use.

You could either use the template before your event to let people in your community know all about it, inviting them along, or after your event to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved too.

Message on WhatsApp

Set up your own group to let everyone know all about your Go Red – this a simple yet effective way of inviting friends, family and colleagues along.

Add Info to your School/Work/Community Newsletter

If you have a newsletter at school, work or in your community why not add some information about how others can get involved in Go Red? It is another great way to let everyone know you are holding this event whilst encouraging them to get involved too. Afterwards, you can share with everyone how it went as well as any photos, if you are happy to – don’t forget to get permissions, click here for more information on photo permissions.

Remember, when promoting your event, only share details with people you want there – if you are holding it at home, we wouldn’t recommend making a public event on Facebook for example.

We are more than happy to talk through the different ways in which you can promote your Go Red. Get in touch today with the Eve Team either by emailing or by calling 020 7605 0109.