How to Go Red

Thank you so much for signing up to our Go Red campaign, we greatly appreciate your support and can’t wait to hear all about your event.

We’ve included some steps below to help you plan the perfect Go Red.

Choose where to Go Red

There are so many places you can Go Red with your friends, families, and colleagues – choose to have yours at school, work, home, gym or any sports group / class you are part of, your church group or your local park (get everyone walking and talking in Red) – it is such a simple fundraising initiative so everyone can get involved.

We would love if you are able to Go Red in September, but completely understand if this is not possible.

If you are holding your Go Red day at school we have put together a separate step-by-step guide here

Promote your event

Get the word out there! Put up posters, use social media (Facebook is great for this) or WhatsApp, send an email or approach your local newspaper with our Press Release Template. For more details click here.

Fundraising materials 

We can send out balloons, leaflets, pin badges, collection boxes and much more for your event. Just complete the Materials Order Form enclosed in your pack and send it back either by emailing or calling 020 7605 0109. Don’t forget to take a look at our downloadable materials as well!

Wear Red

Very important! Ask people for a donation, we recommend a suggested donation of £2 – £5, to wear Red for the day. You could have a prize for the person who can wear the most Red and a penalty for anyone who doesn’t wear Red (booo!)

Fundraising activities

Want to make your event extra fun? Add some additional fundraising activities e.g. a bake sale, raffle or why not play some gynae games? These are great ways to get more people involved. For inspiration, take a look at our fundraising ideas here.

Ask for Gift Aid

Use the guest list and gift aid form in your pack to claim Gift Aid on individual donations. Gift Aid allows us to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated at no extra cost to the person donating – do just make sure you are aware of the guidelines surrounding Gift Aid which you can read about in more details here or please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have fun and take photos

You’ve spent time planning this fantastic event, it will be great, so remember to relax and enjoy it! If you get a chance to take photos, please do as we would love to see them – and if you are only able to take one, try getting a group one of everyone in their red outfits! You can share your photos with us either by sending them to or by sharing them on social media using @eveappeal and #GoRed for FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Just remember to ask if everyone is happy for you to take their photo and share it with the Eve Team and/or social media.

Thank everyone and send in your donations

Thank everyone for supporting your event and for their donations, you can also thank anyone who donated a raffle prize as well. Once you’ve counted up all the funds take a look at the paying in form inside your pack or click here to view the different ways you can bank.

If you have any queries or want to talk through your Go Red plans, get in touch either by emailing or by calling 020 7605 0109.