Hold your Go Red at School

Planning on holding a Go Red day at school? We’ve put together the following guide to help you along the way:

Decide who your Go Red day is for

Is your Go Red day for staff, students, parents or all three? The choice is yours – you may find that this event suits your sixth formers best, for example.

Get permission

Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, you will need to get permission to hold your Go Red day at school as it is a dress down/up day. It is best to speak with the head teacher or head of department to make sure it is okay to hold your fundraising event and that it doesn’t clash with anything else in the school calendar.

Set the date

We’d love if you are able to hold your Go Red day in September, but also understand that this is a busy time and welcome Go Red days later in the year – it could work perfectly in October or November for example.

Wear Red

Encourage everyone involved to wear something Red in return for a £1 – £2 donation. You could have a prize for the person who can wear the most Red and a penalty for anyone who doesn’t wear Red (booo!).

Let the students and parents know

If your Go Red day is for students then you will need to let them and their parents know. To do this, we would recommend getting each form teacher to tell their class about the Go Red day in registration and handing out a letter to parents for each student to take home. This is a fast and effective way of informing them.

When letting parents and students know all about your Go Red day, we recommend including:

  • What day your school is holding the Go Red day
  • What the students have to do to get involved e.g. wear Red and bring in a suggested donation of £1
  • Details of any extra fundraising activities that may be happening on the day e.g. bake sale, raffle, fashion show
  • Explain why your school is getting involved and include some information about The Eve Appeal
  • Finally, let the parents know if there is anything that they have to do

We have a template letter to parents which you can download and use.

Promoting your event

Once everyone knows, start promoting your event around the school: put up posters, add information to the school website, share it on social media. To read more about promoting your Go Red click here

Fundraising activities

Organise some additional fundraising activities for your Go Red – add a bake sale, raffle or why not play some games? These are great ways to get students and staff involved! Take a look at our fundraising ideas here for schools.

Raise Awareness

We’ve put together an Assembly/Lesson Plan that you can use to help raise awareness of women’s health, periods and the importance of knowing your body by breaking down taboos. It includes information about The Eve Appeal and the work we do – it is also interactive and has questions, videos and activities.

Thank everyone and send in your donations

Thank the students, staff and parents for supporting your event and for their donations, you can also thank anyone who donated a raffle prize as well. Once you’ve counted up all the funds take a look at the Paying In Form inside your pack or click here to view the different ways you can bank.

If you have any queries or want to talk through your Go Red plans, get in touch either by emailing fundraising@eveappeal.org.uk or by calling 020 7605 0109.