Fundraising Ideas

It is brilliant if you have already decided on your own fundraiser! However, if you are in need of some inspiration, check out our top 5 fundraising ideas or our longer A to Z list of fundraising ideas. There is something for everyone!

Our top 5 Fundraising Ideas

  • Bake sale
  • Zumbathon
  • Pudding and prosecco evening
  • Quiz night
  • Sweepstake

A to Z of Fundraising Ideas



Abseil: Get your adrenaline pumping by doing an abseil for charity

Afternoon Tea Party: Dust off your cake mixers, hang up the bunting, bake it (or fake it) and hold a tea party in aid of The Eve Appeal

Alcohol Free: Take on the ultimate test of willpower and give up alcohol for a month. You can either get sponsored to take on this challenge or donate what you save


Bake Sale: Channel your inner Mary Berry and bake like you’ve never baked before

Bingo Night: Run a ticketed bingo night and hopefully you’ll have a full house

Book Club: Get together with your fellow book worms (including those that haven’t actually read the book)



Caffeine Cull: Be sponsored to cut out caffeine for a month. You could even donate the price of your usual takeaway coffee to The Eve Appeal

Car Boot Sale: Pack up your car with all your unused items and sell them on in exchange for donations

Cocktail Party: Whether you are partial to a mojito or an espresso martini, host a cocktail party to remember



Dance-a-thon: Get a group together and show off all your best moves

Dinner Party: Hold a Come Dine with Me style dinner party

Dog Walking Donation: Offer to walk some furry-four-legged friends in return for cash



Easter Egg Hunt: Take on the role of the Easter Bunny for the day and organise a sponsored egg hunt

Ebay: Declutter your wardrobe by selling your unwanted items on Ebay

Eurovision Party: Gather a group of friends and listen to the weird and wonderful performances of our European friends



Fancy-dress Day: Charge a pound for your colleagues or classmates to dress-up based on a theme of your choice

Fireworks Night: Host a fireworks night to begin your fundraising with a bang

Football Match: Get some friends together and organise a 5-a-side match. If you are feeling less active make it a table-football tournament



Game-a-thon: Hold a Mario Karts tournament or a Monopoly marathon and encourage some healthy competition

Glow in the Dark Run: Don your brightest leg warmers and fluorescent necklaces and take on a 5k glow in the dark run

Go Red: Get together with friends, family or colleges, dress in red and raise vital funds for ground-breaking research into gynaecological cancers



Halloween Party: Have a scarily good night filled with apple bobbing, trick-or-treating and dress-up

Head Shave/ Haircut: Be bold in the face of gynaecological cancers, by braving a head shave or a drastic haircut

Hour’s Pay: Donate an hour’s pay for a month and set a shining example to the rest of your office



Ice Cream and Movie Night: Grab a pint of Cookies and Cream and curl up on the sofa for a night of Disney classics

Ice Skating: Take to the ice in aid of The Eve Appeal

Indian Themed Evening: Organise a night of Bollywood dancing, saris and curry



Jailbreak: You have 36 hours to get as far from your university, home or office as you can, only catch is – you aren’t allowed to spend any money. How far will you get?

Job Swap: Always liked the sound of your co-workers job? Have the chance to spend a day in their shoes

Jumble Sale: Gather together all the DVDs you’ve never watched, the clothes you’ve never worn and the toys the kids have never used and hold a big ol’ jumble sale



Karaoke Night: You might not be the next Aretha Franklin or Elvis Presley, however, nobody can resist a good sing-a-long

Kayaking Race: Paddle for victory in a sponsored kayak race

Knit-a-thon: Get your knitting needles at the ready and hold a knit-a-thon for a good cause



Ladies Night: ‘Oh yes it’s Ladies Night and the feelings right…’

Left Hand Day: Get sponsored to only use your left hand for an entire day (or right hand, if you are left-handed

Lunch ‘N’ Learn: Raise awareness by organising a lunch ‘n’ learn at your place of work



Masquerade Ball: Revel in the mystery by hosting a masquerade ball

Masterclass: Whatever your skill, whether that be pasta-making or guitar-playing, hold a masterclass and charge for entry

Music Night: Organise a live-music event featuring local talent and sell tickets in advance



Name the Baby: Have a laugh in the office by guessing who’s who in a ‘Name the Baby’ competition

Netball Tournament: Organise a netball tournament to raise funds for gynaecological cancers

New Year’s Eve Party: Celebrate the end of the year in style – hold a New Year’s Eve Party in aid of The Eve Appeal



Obstacle Course: Jump, duck and roll your way to fundraising victory

Odd Job Day: Car washing, dog walking, newspaper delivering – spend a day being paid to do odd jobs and donate the money to charity

Online Shopping: Are you a self-confessed online-shopping addict? Can’t resist a 50% off sale? Then be sponsored to give up online shopping for a month (or longer)



Pancake Day: Organise a Pancake Day fundraiser. You could even include a pancake flipping competition if you are happy to clear-up afterwards

Plant Sale: Help people to welcome nature in by selling a selection of indoor house plants

Pudding and Prosecco Evening: Hold an indulgent evening filled with two of life’s pleasures



Queen Night: Dress up as Freddie Mercury and belt out Queen’s Greatest Hits

Quintessentially British Day: Have a day filled with cream teas, croquet and plenty of tweed. This is the one event where British weather will be welcomed

Quiz Night: Hold a quiz night for you and your friends in aid of The Eve Appeal. Be sure to add a gynae knowledge round



Raffle: Sell raffle tickets to give people the chance to win some wonderful prizes

Roller Disco: Get fit, have fun and see the pennies roll in

Rounders’ Match: Get together with friends or colleges and put your sporting prowess to the test



Seventies Night: Grab your flares and platform shoes, for a night of 70’s tunes

Sponsored Silence: Shhhh! If you are known to be a chatterbox, take on the challenge of a sponsored silence

Sweepstake: Embrace your competitive side and hold a sweepstake for anything from the Rugby World Cup to the Great British Bake Off



Takeaways: Whether it’s a Dominos, a chicken katsu or a vindaloo, give up your weekly takeaway of choice and donate the money you would have spent to The Eve Appeal

Ten-Pin Bowling: Get together with friends and family and hold a ten-pin bowling night

Tug of War: Organise two teams and take on the ultimate test of strength



Ugly Jumper Day: Endure a fashion disaster all for a good cause

Uniform-Free Day: Do away with your shirt and tie and have a non-uniform day in aid of The Eve Appeal

University Challenge: Show off your smarts by organising your own University Challenge competition



Valentines/ Galentines: Feel the love by getting together with your nearest pals and celebrating the importance of female friendship

Veganuary: Be sponsored to go vegan for January. Help the planet and The Eve Appeal #winwin

Volleyball Match: Host a charity volleyball match for charity



Wine and Cheese Evening: Have a sophisticated evening of wine and cheese

Wrestling Match: Compete for a championship belt. Depending on how brave you are feeling this could also be an arm-wrestling match



X Factor: Find three judges to be your Simon, Louis and Sharon and host an X Factor competition

X Marks the Spot: Organise a sponsored treasure-hunt with clues and a map

Xmas Desk Competition: Compete for the prestigious award of ‘best decorated Xmas desk’. Think tinsel, lights – the whole shebang



Year Long Challenge: 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days – take on a year-long challenge for charity

Yes Day: Get sponsored to say yes to everything. Well maybe not everything

Yoga Marathon: Perfect your downward facing dog while holding a #TeamEve yoga marathon



Zipwire: Fly across the sky in a sponsored zipwire

Zumbathon: Hold a high-energy, calorie-busting Zumbathon in aid of The Eve Appeal. Feel good, do good

Zzzz Party: Revert to your teenage self and organise a sleepover party filled with films, face-masks and food


Chosen your event or need some more ideas? Contact our Community and Events Fundraising Assistant, Becky, today – email or call 020 7605 0109.