Emergency Coronavirus Appeal

My name is Tracie and I run The Eve Appeal’s cancer information service, Ask Eve. I’m also a Gynae Cancer Nurse Specialist in the NHS. Here in the NHS everything has changed. Wherever possible, we’re holding appointments over the phone to reduce the pressure on our hospitals and to keep patients safe.

For those women we need to see in person, for example for a physical examination, it’s just so different now. For those of you – and I know there are many – who have lived through a frightening cancer diagnosis and treatment, you’ll understand just how difficult and lonely this will be.

It’s for her safety, but it just feels so wrong. I want to reach out, hold her hand, sit with her – but I can’t. I’m having to tell some women who are booked in for surgery that we’re having to defer as there may be no room in intensive care. Those beds are needed to care for coronavirus patients and there’s no end in sight.

Since the start of the pandemic, calls to our Ask Eve information service have rocketed, and at the same time as the need for Ask Eve has increased, income to The Eve Appeal has plummeted. The service desperately needs a lifeline, and you could be that lifeline today.

Every Thursday there’s a clap for the NHS service. Knowing I have the support of the British public really lifts my spirits after a long shift. And in return, every Thursday, I give a resounding clap back to those generous Eve supporters who are keeping Ask Eve running.

If you want to help us be there for the women who need us, please, donate today. If you can, please set up a regular gift – this will really help us keep our Ask Eve support service going over the coming months of uncertainty. No matter what you give, we can promise you it will make a real and lasting difference to women’s lives.

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