Fundraise at school

Holding a fundraising event at school is the perfect way to join us in helping to protect the women we know and love from the devastating effects of gynaecological cancers.

Here at Eve we want to break down the taboos and educate girls and boys about gynae health all whilst raising funds for our ground-breaking research.

We shouldn’t be embarrassed to have open and honest conversations, these should be a part of everyday conversation. Saying the word vagina is not brave, it is normal. Having a period is not embarrassing, it is normal.

Gynae health is part of a student’s growing up – girls on average get their period at the age of 12 and girls are currently offered the HPV vaccine between the ages of 12-13, with the HPV vaccine being introduce to boys this year as well.

By supporting Eve, you can help to empower your students with the knowledge that could help to save their life or that of someone they love.

There are so many ways you can get involved and support The Eve Appeal at your school:

  • Hold a dress down/up day as part of our Go Red campaign in September
  • Have an Awareness Stand with Eve Appeal leaflets, posters and some gynae games
  • Get your school active with a Sports Day
  • Or something to help educate parents…hold a Quiz Night with a round on gynae health
  • Host a Bake Sale as part of our Make Time for Tea campaign in March

For information and resources get in touch with our Community and Events Fundraising Assistant, Becky either by emailing or by calling 020 7605 0100.

Supporter story - Boston Grammar School

On 30th November, students and staff at Boston Grammar School organised a non-uniform day in aid of The Eve Appeal and The Movember Foundation. They had stalls to buy stick on moustaches, pin badges, biscuits and face paint – ensuring that everyone at the school could get involved!

“As well as in-school activities, there were a group of students who had gone to Strasbourg to speak at the European Parliament. These students took moustaches and awareness posters and leaflets overseas with them with the aim of spreading awareness in France and to students from schools presenting each country in the EU!”

“In total, we raised £1,028.28 – a school record – which was been split evenly between the two charities!”

“…who knows what the future holds? Perhaps Boston Grammar School’s innovative approach to fundraising will begin a national trend, and soon we will see schools around the country running similar stalls so that everyone – regardless of age or gender – can take part in these important fundraising projects.” Rosie Cooper, year 12, and Mr Deller, Head of English

Get your school involved – contact Becky today!