What do you Believe in?

Dreams? Wishes? Fairies? Santa? A brighter future for women’s health?

I need to believe that there is something more to good health care than finding more and better ways to cut cancer out, stitch patients up, zap them with the latest treatments and send them on their way.

I need to believe that skillful surgeons, smart researchers and brilliant scientists working alongside patients can come up with well-designed programmes that seek to solve the biggest questions in cancer de-coding.

I need to believe that policy makers, funders and the donating public who care about making progress on cancer will see the sense in committing more energy and resources to prevention. To understand why shifting the narrative and focus to early diagnosis is vital. To understand that learning how to predict cancer development and detect it at its earliest stage will save more women’s lives. To stop cancer before it has a chance to start.

I need to believe that our expertise, knowledge and wry-humour we know how to go about kicking the taboos that surround our reproductive health into the very long, and far away, grass and enable women – from adolescence through all the stages of adulthood – to really know their bodies, recognise what’s normal for them and seek help at the first signs and symptoms.
I need to believe that we can do more and better and faster.