‘We believe in a workplace where all of our staff feel supported and included.’

Robyn Grew is COO and General Counsel of Man Group, and a member of the Man Group Senior Executive Committee. Robyn writes about why signing up to The EveryWoman Promise is so important to her.

The good health and wellbeing of our staff and their families is extremely important to me personally, and in my role as COO of Man Group.  I am committed to providing a healthy, happy and productive workplace for our staff and, intrinsic to that, is the wellbeing of our people. I feel privileged to be able to drive forward and support the implementation and development of Man Group’s Wellbeing Programme, which we constantly work to improve and expand. We aim to raise awareness of women’s health and wellbeing, providing information and help across a wide range of areas, and are genuinely delighted to expand this further by partnering with The Eve Appeal and through our role as a signatory to the EveryWoman Promise.

Man Group has a global internal diversity and inclusion network: Drive. Drive is run by our employees and sponsored by our senior management team and our Steering Committee, which I chair. Drive is designed to inform, support and inspire our people. Its mission is to advance Man Group’s efforts in promoting inclusion and valuing diversity in all its forms. The network’s activities include events, training, resources and peer engagement across the firm.

Under the Drive umbrella, we have four employee-led networks: FAM (Families at Man); Pride@Man (our LGBTQ+ network); BEAM (Black Employees and Allies at Man) and WAM (Women at Man). The networks organise events for fellow members and allies, and for the wider Man Group community.

Our Wellbeing Programme runs alongside Drive and our employee engagement strategy, and provides a comprehensive programme of education, self-awareness and on-site and digital tools to support our people. We believe in a workplace where all of our staff feel supported and included. We use a number of tools to engage employees and ask for their ideas and feedback to shape our efforts, initiatives and the resources that we provide for our staff and their families.

The EveryWoman Promise will form part of Man Group’s Wellbeing Programme, reinforcing our commitment to educate, support and empower our staff in taking charge of their health and, in turn, equipping them with the information to raise awareness to others. By educating our staff on the work undertaken by the Eve Appeal, we hope this will inspire them to speak more openly to their loved ones and friends, and for this to be part of normal, day to day conversation.

Our commitment will also raise awareness of the framework that we already have in place: our Wellbeing Programme includes a fully paid, bi-annual health screen for all employees. This doctor-led health screen includes a broad range of tests which can include gender and age specific testing, such as cervical screening and breast checks for all female members of staff and PSA testing for male staff.

Every business needs to focus on the wellbeing and needs of its staff, and to put in place programmes that support and enable their employees to reach their full potential. We realise that the work being championed by The Eve Appeal is a great foundation to help break down taboos and embarrassment in the workplace and at home, removing stigma and enabling conversations about gynaecological health and women’s health more broadly.

To find out more about how your workplace can sign up to The EveryWoman Promise visit our corporate pages or contact megan.fletcher@eveappeal.org.uk.