Take the vulva vow!

Vulva is NOT a swear word! At our Talking Taboo's event this evening, a room full of sexual health, sex ed and women's health specialists, as well as women who have been affected by a gynae cancer, all vowed to use the word vulva openly and without shame.

Our new statistics released earlier this Gynae Cancer Awareness Month found that a fifth of parents never refer to female body parts to their children, and 1% of parents use the word vulva. 44% of parents regularly use euphemisms such as ‘fairy’, ‘flower’ and ‘tuppence’. We need this to stop. Our children need know the difference between a vagina and vulva, know their bodies and have no embarrassment or shame over them, so that when they grow up they can seek the healthcare they need when they need it.

That is why we are calling people to join us and take the Vulva Vow, to know the difference between a vulva and a vagina, and use the word vulva openly and without shame.

We also want you to familiarise yourself with and share our Educating Eve tips, a list of sex and health education tips, approved by experts, for parents and carers on how to have open and informed conversations with their daughters about their body.

Our Talking Taboos panel included Chair, Jane Garvey, BBC Woman’s Hour Broadcaster, Hannah Witton, Sex Health Broadcaster and Author, Lynnette Smith, Founder of Big Talk Education, Nadia Deen, Founder of AM: Appointment, Dr Naomi Sutton, Sexual Health Doctor on E4’s The Sex Clinic, and Ruby Stevenson, Sexual Health Specialist at Brook, a sexual health and wellbeing charity. The expert panel discussed the importance of clear and open, taboo-free sex and body education from a young age, and why we need to break down the shame around the word vulva.

Join us and take the Vulva Vow today, and spread the word by tagging five friends and using the hashtags #TalkingTaboos #EducationEve and tagging @EveAppeal.

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