Launched Today: Our Guide to Genetic Testing in Ovarian Cancer

Today we launched the Ask Eve guide to genetic testing in ovarian cancer. Our Gynae Cancer Specialist Nurse, Tracie, talks you through genetic testing and answers some of your frequently asked questions in this video series.

You can download the guide at

If you have any further questions or would like any advice, you can speak to Tracie, and her colleague Karen, on the Ask Eve information and advice line. It is free and confidential. Ask Eve on or 0808 802 0019.

What is genetic testing?

What does BRCA testing involve and what you can expect when going for a BRCA test.

An explanation of what your BRCA test results mean

Why your BRCA alteration status is important to know if you have ovarian cancer.

Are all BRCA alterations inherited?

Your mental wellbeing after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer and undergoing testing for a BRCA alteration.