Gynae Health Education Programme ‘Know Your Body’ Launches Today!

Today we are delighted to launch our free, interactive, health-education lesson plans for young people aged 7-13, covering the topics anatomy, menstrual health, HPV and cancer and FMG (in partnership with National FGM Centre).

Eve research (Yougov, 2022) found that only 9% of people were taught about gynaecological health in their Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) lessons at school, and 8% said their parents were easy to talk to about gynae health. The Know Your Body programme was created to change that so the next generation have a greater awareness of gynaecological health and are empowered to look after it throughout their life. The Know Your Body lessons plans have the building blocks needed to help young people know their body, notice any changes that might be the sign of something of wrong, and feel empowered to seek medical help.

The Know Your Body Programme was created to reach young people with the greatest barriers to healthcare, and has so far been piloted in 53 lessons in schools in London and Greater Manchester- reaching over 1,100 young people. Nearly 8 in 9 of these young people who received our lessons said they now have a greater understanding of the internal gynae organs, and 70% said they now know how to keep their genitals healthy. The programme will continue running lessons in September, with a goal of reaching 3,000 young people.

The lessons were created with the help of experts in education, gynae health, with teachers and with feedback from pupils. They were created to be inclusive and engaging and to work with ‘spiral learning’- where children are retaught a subject several times, with more depth each time. So that as children move up the years their knowledge increases based on the foundations learnt beforehand. The lessons are free and available to download from, and can be used by anyone, whether a teacher, youth worker, parent or young person, take a look and help empower the next generation.

Visit to access the lesson plans. 

Feedback from students who have benefitted from the Know Your Body project:

“It was amazing! I feel more comfortable about my body parts.”

“I only thought that smoking caused cancer, so now I feel a lot more informed.”

“Thanks for this workshop. I am confident to take the vaccine.”- (referring to HPV vaccine)

Feedback from the teachers whose students have had the Know Your Body lessons:

“I think it’s so important that they’re getting information about the HPV vaccine now.”

“It was obvious the girls learnt a lot. I think it was really great.”

“I learnt things myself.”