Cancer is not on Lockdown – People Ignoring Worrying Symptoms During Pandemic

Cancer is not on lockdown! Our Get Lippy survey with Yougov (16th April 2020) found that shockingly nearly half of young people would sit on key gynae cancer symptom, bleeding between periods, until after the coronavirus pandemic. We need to Get Lippy now more than ever to make sure everyone knows the key gynae symptoms that need investigating, even during lockdown.

We know from data released by the NHS this week that cancer referrals are way down during the pandemic, by 70%! This will have a worrying and long lasting impact on the families dealing with a gynae cancer diagnosis down the line. We know that early diagnosis makes all the difference to the options open for treatment and the outcome.

This Get Lippy our survey found that shockingly, 38% of 25-34 year olds and 32% of 35-44 year olds that we surveyed would delay medical advice until after lockdown if they experienced bleeding after sex –a key symptoms of cervical cancer. Almost half of young people also wouldn’t get bleeding between periods investigated, a symptom of three of the five gynae cancers.

We need to Get Lippy now more than ever so that everyone knows which key symptoms they need to get checked out, even during lockdown, because being able to prevent a cancer, or find it early, could just save someones life.

As well as with abnormal bleeding symptoms, 30% of people surveyed would put off any unusual and persistent bloating, a key sign of ovarian cancer.

Our research found that three quarters of people feel more aware of their health since the pandemic, yet from our Ask Eve nurse-led information service, we know people are concerned about adding to the NHS’s burden right now, which could have a drastic effect on the early diagnosis of gynae cancers.

Our nurse-led information service, Ask Eve, saw a 22% increase in calls in March compared to February 2020 with people worried about the impact of the pandemic on them seeking medical help for gynae symptoms or with worries about changes to their cancer treatment. The funds raised through Get Lippy will help us continue to fund Ask Eve to help give advice and support to families during the pandemic and take some of the pressure off of the NHS frontline staff.

This May we are being joined by a host of health and beauty brands to spread information and awareness of gynaecological cancer symptoms, sources of trusted, accurate and up to date health information and somewhere to go for expert advice.

Our message is, don’t sit on gynae symptoms, contact your GP or speak to Ask Eve. Join us and Get Lippy and Loud about gynae cancers so that everyone knows what to look out for, and everyone knows the importance of knowing their normal, and getting the abnormal investigated.

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